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  • 11:45 AM August 4, 2018

Leaders are those who carve the path for others to follow. Leadership is when they not only lead their team, but also help groom future leaders. A leader should be able to learn from his or her peers. A leader should be selfless and giving when it comes to knowledge. Leaders of various industries come from different walks of life and share their experiences as a part of learning for others who are inspired by them.

Are you struggling as a leader? 

Would you like to know how to be a great leader? 

 We asked fifteen leadership experts to share their best leadership tips today. 

Here’s what they had to say. 

#1 - A great leader says and believes that it is alright for them not to know everything, but strives to direct the question to the leaders best resource. - Margo Lovett Host of Her Business,HerVoice,Her Conversation

#2 - Treat every mistake your team members make as an educational experience. Don't dwell on those mistakes. Encourage your team to always ask: "What did we learn from this?" -   Genia Stevens Owner/Managing Partner, Belwah Media

#3-  To be an exemplary leader, learn to inspire, motivate, and influence your tribe to grow, stretch, and take risks. Empower your team to take independent action and authentically welcome ideas that are different from your own. Remember, those under your leadership should thrive as individuals and find fulfillment in both their professional and personal journeys of self-discovery, enlightenment, and goal achievement. - Rhonda Kinard, Empowerment Coach, CEO of A Life Ignited

#4-  As a leader you need to know where you are going. Creating a personal vision statement can help to bring balance into your life as you determine how you want the future to be, regarding health, wealth, relationships, spirit, family, personal development and career.  Aligning this with your core values and life purpose will provide a picture of the future that you and your team can focus upon. - Linda Patten, Author, Speaker & Founder of Dare2Dream With Linda

#5- Leaders need to learn better self-care because it is the foundation for being busy rather than what we do when we have time. To start, add one thing (habit or food) that supports your energy everyday and remove one thing that drains you. - Jeanette Bronée. Nourishment Coach, CEO and Founder of Path for Life Inc.

#6- Lose perfectionism. It’s a sign of insecurity that will undermine both your confidence and your competence. Know when good enough is good enough and move on. - Regina Barr, Founder & CEO of Red Ladder & Women at the Top® Network

#7- Listen. Being able to listen is a powerful leadership tool. People will connect and therefore trust you when you genuinely listen to them. Practice listening to someone for five minutes without commenting or suggesting anything - this is harder than you think. - Ally Nathaniel AN Better Publishing / creator of Emotional Business IQ

#8- In order to be a great leader, you need 3 things. Brightness of the future! Give your team a vision to hold with you and enroll them in achieving it with you.  Frequency of interaction. Connect frequently with positive communication and accountability. - Burge Smith-Lyons, CEO Essence of Being , Inc. 

#9- Life is only but a day. It is filled with laughter, joys, challenges, opportunities, disappointments, encouragements, worries, situations, people, and drama. It is up to you to choose to think positively.  Pause before you think, say, or do anything. When you pause, the intelligence of the pause brings new thoughts into play while quenching the flame of anger or disappointment or hurt or whatever emotion is blazing.  When you are dealing with a challenging situation or a person, it becomes less difficult to cope.  When you are having a good time, you get to cherish it, be thankful for it, and good becomes better. When value-driven decisions and actions fuel leadership, influence becomes the soul of a leader. Mindful influence, in turn, inspires people to be more, do more, and impact more.  -Divya Parekh , International Speaker, Business Relationship Advisor, Three times #1 Bestselling Author

#10- What you want is moving toward you at the same rate you are moving toward it. While you may not yet understand how something works, it does not mean that it isn't working. - Leslie Flowers, Trailblazer for Women in Business

#11- Want to be a good leader? Train your replacement. Be secure and confident enough to mentor and groom someone below you who could possibly take your job one day. As a leader, you should be able to go on vacation, take a sick day or attend conferences and know that there is someone you trust handling the day-to-day operations while you're away...without fearing your job is in jeopardy. - Tana M. Session, Speaker, Career/Life Coach and Business Consultant

#12- In life you must be willing to risk for what you want. Sometimes it doesn't always make sense but you must be willing to take the leap anyway. Don't worry about failure, because I would rather try and fail than to never have tried at all. Leaders always are willing to take the risk. - Priscilla Q. Williams Author, Speaker, Certified Overflow Coach & Global Nurse Educator

#13 - There is nothing more powerful than knowing how powerful you are and then using your power for good and not for evil. As a feminine leader, you must watch who you touch. Watch what you speak. Watch what you do because the glorious power of leadership graces your finger tips, majesty rules in your words, and fire resides in your actions. Remember you can change the world around you if you are mindful of yourself and others!” - Dr. Gail Hayes, Author of The Power of a Woman Who Leads

#14 -  Instead of viewing yourself as the boss of people, have a mindset of "I have earned the privilege to lead others.” Leadership is not a right, nor is it a given, even with a title. Stay humble and treat your team with respect, dignity and fairness. Give them an opportunity to shine in their position because when they shine, so will you. - Dr. Lisa Tesvich, Founder and CEO of InspiretrueLeadership  

#15- You have everything you need.  Right here. Right now. You are full of wisdom, unique and specific to you.  Take a moment to sit still...breathe...connect to your heart.  Listen. Trust. Follow the guidance your heart offers. Trust again. Know that you are a light that has come to shine bright and light the way for those that need your wisdom...your love. You are the light. Shine bright. - Heather Criswell

If you are an aspiring leader and are looking to make it to the top, these tips are sure to help you. Read them, soak them up, and let them guide you and make you the best that you can be. These are some of the best leadership experts and you need their pearls of wisdom in the journey of leadership. You don’t need to look any further. Check out and join conference, The Power of Women’s Leadership Conference.